[EVENT]Back To School Events
Aug 23, 2019


Darkeden Legend invites all players to join Back to School special events. Darkeden Legend is prepared with several events, which will carry you into the new school year.  


Event Duration: August 23, to September 22, 2019.


Event 1: Blessing of The Rose 

During this event period, the following bosses will be dropping the “Ancient Rare Box”: Sius, Keeper, Awakned Tepez, Awakned Bathory. Open the Ancient Rare box to get a limited unique Blessing of the Rose item, a complementary item to your necklace with epic options:

STR+50, PVP Damage Increase+10

DEX+50, PVP Damage Increase+10

INT+50, PVP Damage Increase+10

ATTR+30, PVP Damage Increase+10

Damage Reduce+20, PVP Damage Increase+10

STR+50, PVP Damage Reduce+10

DEX+50, PVP Damage Reduce+10

INT+50, PVP Damage Reduce+10

ATTR+30, PVP Damage Reduce+10

Damage Reduce+20, PVP Damage Reduce+10

If you are lucky, you might find an unlimited Blessing of the Rose to keep forever!


★ Event 2: Lovely Gift boxes

DKLegend Team is showing their love to their loyal players by re-opening the most loved event: the Lovely Gift Boxes drop everywhere from monsters +/- 20 levels difference of yours with a high drop ratio.


★ Event 3: Double time, no, triple time!

Enjoy 3x Level Experience Ratio every weekend during this event period.

During this event, you can also get Ten Free Limited Forbidden Bloods from the Daily Premium Rewards to be able to access to Dracula and Lacoste Castles!


★ Event 4: Gilles De Rais Trial

During this event period, you will be rewarded for killing the nasty Gilles De Rais, yes you will be getting 20 Ancient coins after clearing Gilles De Rais Lair. (Only 20 random players inside the Lair will have the reward, make sure you reduce the number of the participants in your way to enter the lair, during this event, the maximum players that can enter will be 50 instead of 20).

There will be special GDR Free Rides at random times during this event, where GMs will be teleporting only low level players (novice players are honored during this event and might enjoy summon event inside the GDR Lair as well).


Event 5 : Back to School Market Deal

The hot summer deal is back as you all wanted and this time with more rewards! You can enjoy 70% Special Bonus on all charges and you will get a Darkeden Legend Subscribers Group Shining Aura Effect (Limited for 1 month) on your first order for every market points charges starting from 10$. It looks like this:

Not only that, the accumulative market points special event is here again! The more points you get, the more and the more rewards you receive!

Accumulated Market Points Rewards Amount
500 Chaotic Stone of Experience 10 Each
1.000 Amplification of Refined Stone 6 Each
2.000 Premium Lovely Gift Box  2 Each
3.000 Shinning Lilith Box  2 Each
4.000 Shining Blue Sun Bird Box  2 Each
6.000 Shining Grab Box 2 Each
8.000 Legendary Aura Stone 5 Each
10.000 Ampification of Refined Stones Box 2 Each
12.000 Shining Lilith Box 2 Each
14.000 Shining Grab Box 2 Each
16.000 Shining Blue Crystal Box 2 Each
18.000 Core Zaps Set +9 (Blue + Green + Red + Black)  1 Each
18.000 Amplification of Refined Stones Box 3 Each
20.000 Gold Pet Box 3 Each
25.000 Red Bird 2 50 Each
30.000 Gentis Pet Injection  1 Each

One of the following Unique Ancient Knots :


All Attributes+25

Damage Reduce+20

PVP Decrease +10%




Physical Damage+30

PVP Increase+10%




Physical Damage+30

PVP Increase+10%




Magical Damage+30

PVP Increase+10%

1 Each
60.000 Red Nickname  (For 10 first only, can be won just once)  1 Each


Please note that you can get the rewards twice during the event period, the market points charged will be accumulated to get the corresponding rewards every time you reach their value. The rewards will be manually sent to your Markets item storage (on website) in less than 24 hours after the purchase.


Moreover, since many of you have asked for this, we decided to put the previous Events Unique Ancient Knots for sale separately. You can buy them for the following prices: 


Ancient Knot (All Attributes+25 Damage Reduce+20 PVP Decrease +10%): 50$ each (80$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (DEX+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (STR+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (INT+30 Magical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)


And finaly, a new suggested Packaging for new players during this event period. This package costs 30$ and it contains the following:

- 5.000 Market Points

- 10x6 Inventory Pack [1]

- Chaotic Stone of Experience [20]

-  Shinning Blue Crystal Box [1]

- Gold Pet Box [1]

You can buy this package only once per account and it is independent of all the ongoing market or special events.


Please contact GM Badr for the accepted payments methods or to claim your corresponding rewards.


Best wishes

Darkeden Legend Team