[EVENT]10Th Anniversary Events
Oct 10, 2019


We are glad to announce you that during the next four weeks, we will be celebrating, with you our 10th anniversary, ten years of providing Darkeden service in the best and biggest English international server. So 10 great and joyful events will be opened to celebrate this as well as the Halloween holidays!


Event Duration: From 8 October to 8 November 2019.


Event 1: Anniversary Relics

Anniversary relics will drop from all monsters in game during this event; you will be able to exchange them at website for good items. The more anniversary relics you get, the more valuable rewards you can redeem!

Anniversary Relics Rewards List:

Storm Firecracker = 1 Anniversary Relic

Chaotic Stone = 10 Anniversary Relics

Mistery fancy = 100 Anniversary Relics

Brooch Kamilra = 200 Anniversary Relics

Blue Crystal = 10 Anniversary Relics

Blue Bird Sun 2 = 30 Anniversary Relics

Lilith Drop 2 = 30 Anniversary Relics

Ordinis Vapor Red = 30 Anniversary Relics

Amplification Stone of refined = 100 Anniversary Relics

Ordinis Vapor Blue = 500 Anniversary Relics

Gold pet Box = 2000 Anniversary Relics


Event 2: Happy Darkeden

During this event, all players will be able to find Darkeden Gift Boxes, dropped from all monsters in game. Collect them in order to get nice rewards!

Darkeden Gift Box Rewards List: Seed Of Abyss, Seed Of Chaos, Seed Of Oblivion, Seed Of Circulation, Seed Of Voidness, Lilith Drop 2, Blue Bird 2 Sun, Lilith Spirit 2, Blue Crystal, Chaotic Stone, Converted S-grade Hour Glass, Red Bird 2, Increase Of Health 13, Increase Of Health 14, Increase Of Health 15.


Event 3: Double time, no, triple time!

Enjoy 3x Level Experience Ratio during all of this event period.

During this event, you can also get Ten Free Limited Forbidden Bloods from the Daily Premium Rewards to be able to access to Dracula and Lacoste Castles!


Event 4: Converted Ancient Documents

Collect the 12 lost parts of the Ancient Document by killing Ruper Island monsters stick them together to get the Ancient Document; you can exchange it at the Pumpkin NPC at each Perona in order to get a new contract with enhanced options.

Rewards by exchanging the ancient document:

Limited Contract of Adam with one of the following options:

STR+50, PVP Damage Increase+10

DEX+50, PVP Damage Increase+10

INT+50, PVP Damage Increase+10

ATTR+30, PVP Damage Increase+10

Damage Reduce+20, PVP Damage Increase+10

STR+50, PVP Damage Reduce+10

DEX+50, PVP Damage Reduce+10

INT+50, PVP Damage Reduce+10

ATTR+30, PVP Damage Reduce+10

Damage Reduce+20, PVP Damage Reduce+10

If you are lucky, you might encounter an unlimited contract to keep forever!


Event 5: Hunt the evil GMs

During this event period, there will be many Fake Evil GMs spawning around in field maps seeking for revenge, hunt them down and stop their diabolic plans. You will be certainly rewarded by a special box each time you kill one of them.

GM Gift Box Rewards list: Ordinis Vapor Red, Chaotic Stone, Converted S Grade Hour Glass, Blue Sun Shine, Blue Sun Edge, Blue Sun Bird 2, Lilith Drop 2, Yellow Drop 3, Amplification of Refined Stone.



Event 6: Halloween Present Box

Halloween Present Boxes will drop from all Underground Lab and Lacoste Castle monsters.

Halloween Present Box Rewards list:  Lilith drop, Lilith spirit, Lilith will, Yellow candy, Pet Naming pen, Extra Naming pen, Lei check (for slayers), Geld Check (for vamps), Zard Check (for ousters), Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.


Event 7: Halloween Card

Collect the 4 Halloween Card parts to complete the Halloween Card puzzle and get various items as rewards by. The Halloween card parts drop at Ruper Island.

Halloween Card Rewards list: Vision Ampul, Grand Crystal, Guardian Crystal, Rubiate Key, B2-Monster Key, D-Tomahawk Key, Chamelon potion, Fog Powder, Summon Imp Gem, Emerald Summon Wisp Gem.

PS: If you collect 10 Grand Crystals or 10 Guardian Crystals, you can trade them with a Legendary Aura stone by contacting one of our GMs.


Event 8: In-game Giveaways and GMs Events

During this event period, GMs will be holding awesome events at random times, and will give free rewards to the active players, make you dont miss any of those events, there are a lot of valuable items to win! GMs Events will be announced 1 to 2 days before their dates!


Event 9: The Great Excalibur Tournament!

As the legend says, Merlyn the enchanter made sure thanks to his spells to stick the Excalibur into a rock where only the true king could pull it out and take the throne of the realm. Unfortunately, Merlyn has stuck this sword once again to figure out who is the true ruler in Darkeden Legend. To prove your right to the throne, you will have to defend your honor, fight your enemies, sometimes even your friends and survive to long battles to have the Darkeden Legend 2019 king title.

This year, there will be two different tournaments with two levels categories.

-The Pawns for levels 251~400,

-The Knights for levels 401~500.

Moreover, each category will have sub-categories matching every races classes

Find out more by visiting the dedicated website to this event: www.excalibur.dklegend.events




Event 10 : 10 th anniversary Market Deal

During this event, you can enjoy 70% Special Bonus on all charges starting from 20$, 80% bonus on all charges starting from 50$, 90% bonus on all charges starting from 100$ and 100% bonus from all charges starting from 200$.

Furthermore, the accumulative market points special event is also here! The more points you charge, the more rewards you get!


Accumulated Market Points Rewards Amount
500 Chaotic Stone of Experience 10 Each
1.000 Amplification of Refined Stone 6 Each
2.000 Premium Lovely Gift Box  2 Each
3.000 Shinning Lilith Box  2 Each
4.000 Shining Blue Sun Bird Box  2 Each
6.000 Shining Grab Box 2 Each
8.000 Legendary Aura Stone 5 Each
10.000 Ampification of Refined Stones Box 2 Each
12.000 Shining Lilith Box 2 Each
14.000 Shining Grab Box 2 Each
16.000 Shining Blue Crystal Box 2 Each
18.000 Amplification of Refined Stones Box 3 Each
20.000 Gold Pet Box 3 Each
25.000 Red Bird 2 30 Each
30.000 Gentis Pet Injection  1 Each

2 Color Core Zap (RED+10, BLUE+10, GREEN+10

or BLACK+10) with one of the following options :


All Attributes+25

Damage Reduce+20

PVP Decrease +10%




Physical Damage+30

PVP Increase+10%




Physical Damage+30

PVP Increase+10%




Magical Damage+30

PVP Increase+10%

1 Each




Moreover, since many of you have asked for this, we decided to put the previous Events Unique Ancient Knots for sale separately. You can buy them for the following prices: 


Ancient Knot (All Attributes+25 Damage Reduce+20 PVP Decrease +10%): 50$ each (80$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (DEX+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (STR+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (INT+30 Magical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)


And finaly, the Packaging for new players during this event period. This package costs 30$ and it contains the following:

- 5.000 Market Points

- 1 Month Premium Card [1]

- Chaotic Stone of Experience [20]

- Shinning Blue Crystal Box [1]

- Shinning Blue Sun Bird 2 Box [1]

You can buy this package only once per account and it is independent of all the ongoing market or special events.


Please contact GM Badr for the accepted payments methods or to claim your corresponding rewards.


We can't thank you enough for being part of the biggest and the oldest english Darkeden server !



Best wishes

Darkeden Legend Team