[EVENT]Spooky Halloween Nights
Oct 29, 2019


Its time for the most haunting time of year! Halloween Night is celebrated differently this year, every knight and pawn in Helea are getting ready for the biggest Tournament event! The witchs, the demons and the most dark creatures are here this halloween to help you! 


Event Period : From 30 October to 8 November 2019.


☠ Event 1: Jacko Lantern 

Hunt the Jack'o Lanterns all over Helea in order to get various of high quality items! 


☠ Event 2: Nosferatu's Return 

During this event period, Nosferatu, Lacoste Castle' second boss will always be here to challenge you! Defeat him for a chance to get one of the rarest items in Helea! 


☠ Event 3: Trick or Treat 

During this event Period, you will start hating candies, because you will have them everyday from the Premium Rewards and during special summon events! Use them carefuly or just give them to those saying "Trick or Treat"! 


☠ Event 4: EXP Boost 

Enjoy 4x Level Experience ratio all day during the Halloween Day on Thursday 31 October 2019 ! 


Happy Halloween !

Darkeden Legend Team