[NOTICE] The New Jump System
May 15, 2020

Dear new Darkeden Legend Players,


We have made some changes in the Jump System to give you a better start in our server.

The Jump System still makes you able to Jump directly to Nut Class 1 (level 201).

You can get the following items after using the Jump System:


-          All skills up to Level 201

-          Full High Defense limited gear with nice options (including 3 contracts, 4 zaps, 2 knots and 1 Ethereal Chain)

-          Heli Injector Gear [1] – for slayers

-          SkullNight [1] – for vampires

-          Syline [1] – for ousters

-          Chaotic Stone of Experience (13x level exp for 1 hour) [10]

-          Ordinis Vapor Red (2x Rank and Level exp for 24 hours [3]

-          Exilir Scrolls [18]

-          Miracle Epistle (tickets to access Tiffauges 2F) [5]

-          Fobiddon Bloods (tickets to access Dracula and Lacoste Castles [50]

-          Stone Key (ticket to access Gentis Dungeon [2]

-          SandGlass of pet Exp [1]

-          S-Grade Hour Glass (2x level exp for 1 hour) [30]


Reminder on how to use the Jump System

1-      Create an account on Darkeden Legend Website

2-      Login and create a Character

3-      Close your game client and login to your account on website

4-      Go to “Jump System” and select your character name

5-      Choose your class if you made a slayer, or else it will be a Bladder by default.

6-      Click “Jump” and go back your account on game



Good luck

Darkeden Legend Team