[EVENT] The Wrath of The Dragons
May 28, 2020


Recently, somewhere in the castles of the Holy Land of Adam, the vampires discovered an entrance to the Hidden Mine of the Dragons. Based on the ancient scripts, the mine was supposed to hide a powerfully Katar that would grant overwhelming powers to all vampire race. So, all the vampires' warriors went to dig deep into the mine in the search of the Katar.  But more they dug, more they started to become greedy for the power of the Katar. They began to hate and curse each other, so what was, in the beginning, a team effort for the greatness of the race, now, became a war between friends and brothers.


But no Katar was hidden in the mine; in the hurry of finding the weapon, they misread the scripts. Less they knew that the mine was actually the lair of the dragon Ulrayiry. The war that took place in the mine, the greedy, the drama between vampires of the same race, along with the smell of blood... waked him up. The great Ulrayiry himself was once again awake! With few blows of his wings, he flew over Limbo and Drobeta leaving behind the world of Adam. And now he flies around the website waiting for humans, ousters, and vampires to click on him.


Event duration: From Thursday 28 May to Thursday 4 June 2020


Event 1: Dragon Ulrayiry on Darkeden Legend website

Once you are logged to the website, the dragon Ulrayiry will appear to you randomly, on different pages, with a certain probability. Click on him to receive different rewards. You might find him multiple times, but only one reward per day you will receive.

Winners will be posted on the website: http://dklegend.com/pvprank/dragonlords


1.000 ~ 5.000 Market points 

1x Amplification Stone of Refined Box

1x Shining Grab bag

1x Premium Lovely Gift Box

1x Shining Blue Sun Bird 2 Box

1~3x Riddle Box

1x Red color paint

1x Green color paint

1~3x Bulletin board 24hours

1x Mystery Fancy Injection

1x Reposition Injection

1~5x Premium Revival Set

1~10x Redbird 2

1x Premium Card B (30 DAY)

1x Not Option Core Zap Black (Physical Attack+9)

1x Not Option Core Zap Red (Magic Attack+9)

1x Not Option Core Zap Blue (Physical Defense+9)

1x Not Option Core Zap Green (Magic Defense+9)

1~5x Max fodder (30 days pet food)


Event 2: Dragon Ulrayiry at Drobeta

The Cursed Ulrayiry Dragons have occupied more areas of the realm of Helea, find them, kill them, and set us free from those fire breathing creatures! Cursed Ulrayiry are spawning more frequently at Drobeta SE, SW, NE and NW.


Best Wishes

Darkeden Legend Team