[EVENT] The Hunting Fever
Jun 6, 2020



it's time to prove that you are worthy to advance in the ranks of the hunters, grab your trusty weapon and show your skills when you hunt those wonderful prizes because it's not safe out there, just saying…


Event Period: From 6th June to 10th July 2020


Event 1: Mysterious Phenomenon  

A strange phenomenon is happening in the Island of Lycans, Mysterious keys are dropping from all Ruper Island monsters, collect them to be able to open Mysterious Gift Boxes that drops from all monsters in Helea!

Rewards from the Mysterious Box with Silver Key: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Rainbow Candies, Elixirs scrolls, Angels Flutter, Shadow of Bloody Darkness and Ariels Breathing, naming pen, extra naming pen, pet naming pen, Stone keys, Gold Coins.

Rewards from the Mysterious Box with Golden key: Chaotic Stones, Ordinis Vapor Red, Blue Bird 2, Blue Crystal, Blue Drop Edge, Blue Drop Shine, Sun Core, Lycans Mane, Gold Coins.


Event 2: Doctor Hyde Discovery

Discover the first of the huge collection of immensely powerful objects tied to different aspects of the universe, created by Doctor Hyde directly from Genesys genome: the Silverlight Magic Cubes are dropped from the Underground Laboratories monsters. Find them and open them to get several valuable items.

Rewards from the Silverlight Magic Cube: Crystal, Blue Crystal, Lilith Spirit 2, Lilith Will 2, Ordinis Vapor Red, Blue Bird 2, Amplification of Refined Stone, Converted S-Grade Hour Glass, Chaotic Stone, Checks, Summon of EV-1 (For slayers), Summon of Lamia (For vampires), and Summon of Reira (For ousters), Gold Coins.


Event 3: Collect the Gold Coins!

During this event period, collect Gold Coins from the current event boxes and exchange them on website for the following rewards:

Blue crystal [1] for 3 Gold Coins.               

Blue Bird 2 [1]    for 3 Gold Coins.              

Chaotic Stone [1] for 5 Gold Coins.                          

Lilith Drop 2 [1] for 20 Gold Coins.                           

Ordinis Vapor Red [1] for 20 Gold Coins.

Amplification Stone of refined [1] for 100 Gold Coins.                     

Ordinis Vapor Blue [1] for 500 Gold Coins.                            

Gold pet Box [1] for 2000 Gold Coins.

You can exchange them here: http://dklegend.com/exchangegold


Event 4: Top 20 Hunters

Increase your rank among the hunters by collecting as much Gold Coins as possible! If you buy the Gold Coins from other players, they wont be counted for your score.

The Top 20 Hunters are ranked on this link: http://dklegend.com/exchangegold

At the end of the event, the first 5 Top Hunters will receive 10.000 Market Points each.

The 15 remaining Hunters will receive 5.000 Market Points each.


Event 5: Hell Garden on Fire

During this event period, we will be holding the Hell garden Festival, the event that everyone have been waiting for. Hell Garden towers will be happy to give you 12x crosses every time you complete them.

Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds!


Event 6: Level Up Now

Enjoy 2x experience during all the event period and 3x level up experience ratio every Saturday!

Premium Daily Rewards will give you free Chaotic Stones and Converted S-Grade Hour Glass every day, use them wisely!


☆ Event 7: The Hunters Deal

Darkeden Legend Team will be rewarding you for all purchased market points by giving you a 100% bonus for all charges starting from 10$.

You market points will be accumulated every time you charge. Your final amount will be evolving through the tiers on the table below; you can get the corresponding rewards every time you reach a certain tier. The rewards will be sent manually to your Market Item Storage (on the website).


The Unique Ancient Knots and the Core Zaps are still for sale separately. You can buy them for the following new discounted prices:


Ancient Knot (All Attributes+25 Damage Reduce+20 PVP Decrease +10%): 40$ each (60$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (DEX+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 30$ each (45$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (STR+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 30$ each (45$ for 2)

Ancient Knot (INT+30 Magical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 30$ each (45$ for 2)


Core Zap +10 (All Attributes+25 Damage Reduce+20 PVP Decrease +10%): 25$ each (70$ for 4)

Core Zap +10 (DEX+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 20$ each (55$ for 4)

Core Zap +10 (STR+30 Physical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 20$ each (55$ for 4)

Core Zap +10 (INT+30 Magical Damage+30 PVP Increase+10%): 20$ each (55$ for 4)


Every time you buy a Core Zap, you will get a Shinning Blue Crystal Bos as a reward.

Every time you buy an Ancient Knot, you will get 2 Shinning Blue Crystal Boxes as a reward.


Finally, the New Players Bundle during this event costs 30$ and it includes the following:

6000 Market Points

[20] Chaotic Stone of Experience (13x level exp for 1 hour)

[1] Shinning Blue Sun Bird Box

[1] Shinning Blue Crystal Box


The automatic charging via the website is not active; please send a private message to GM Badr for payments methods details.


Stay safe! Stay home! 

Darkeden Legend Team