[SPECIAL EVENT] The Great Bible War
Apr 12, 2020


In order to take control of Lilith's Sealed force which was hidden in Adam's Holy Land, the Great War is about the commence;

Exocior the Cain's Descendants, Slayers, with the help of the E.V.E organization's Leaders are preparing their armies and futuristic weapons.

No Life Kings, those with cursed faith, Vampires, are consuming all their stored humans' blood to gain more power.

Guardians of Mother Nature, Ousters, are enhancing and merging all their natural elements, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind to make stronger spells.


Event details:

☆ Bible War will last for 2 hours instead of 1.

☆ You will gain 5x more Honor Points during the Bible War.

☆ The Race that succeed to collect more than 6 Bibles will have a special GDR Event with 50 Ancient Coins as reward (When the GDR is completed, only 20 random players inside the lair will receive the reward).

☆ Each Race will have to choose One Bible and let a GM hold it during all Bible war period, choose wisely which Bible you would like to keep safe against all kind of threats.

☆ At the end of the Bible War, GMs will choose 3 random players from each race and let everyone vote for the ones with the best performances during the event. The player will the most votes will receive the Epic Contract of Adam with the options (HP+1000, All attributes+50, All Resistance+71, Damage Reduce+20 PVP Damage Reduce+10). The 9 chosen players will receive the DSG Aura Effect for 1 month duration. 


Event Time:

Sunday, April 19, 2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM UTC+1. 



No disrespectful actions or behavior.

You cannot change the chosen protected Bible.

Alliances between two races are not allowed.


Some will fight in order to ensure the survival of their species and others will strive to achieve eternal life and everlasting power! Bring all your friends to help you win the Biggest Bible War of Darkeden Legend! 

Good luck everyone!

Best wishes

Darkeden Legend Team