[UPDATE]The 181 skills
May 13, 2012

Dear DKL Players


We are glad to announce that 181 skill test has been carried successfully

Here are the list of skills

Blade : Dragon Hurricane
Sword : Lar Stroke
Gun : Gae Bolg
Enchant : Vicious Guidance
Heal : Spector Inverse

Vampire Melee : Bat Breaker
Vampire Mage : Shady Dople

Ouster Melee : Chakram Hail
Fire : Flame Spike
Water : Blizzard
Earth : Demolisher

The skill books are sold in our market website for 1500 points
The URL : http://www.dklegend.com/market/listdetail/groupid/247
The books are also found in Map of Dracula
- After release of new skills, some minor adjustments for balancing may follow

Thank you

Best wishes
DKLegend Team