Dragon Lords
The Winners of Wrath of the Dragons Event
Jose1x Core Zap Blue(Physicall Defense+9)
Felipe2x Riddle Box
pricilla1k Market Points
shuhei iwao10x Red bird 2
noriaki15x Miracle Epistle
thigo elevem1x Orange Color Paint
Illuminati1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
Racoare Alexandru4x Premium Revival Set
Majesty2x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Josh3k Market Points
Thiam Heng5x Red bird 2
pelajesh3x Premium Revival Set
Jacky1x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Gabriel2x Red bird 2
mostafa1x Premium Lovely Gift Box
Petr1x Shining Blue Sun Bird 2 Box
Jose Carlos3x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Jonny brown1x Red bird 2
dark V1k Market Points
William Weichselbaum1x Premium Revival Set
mcnugget1x Core Zap Red(Magic Attack+9)
Dominant2x Premium Revival Set
Paharet1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
Luan5x Red bird 2
mohamad1x Amplification Stone of refined Box
Bruno Peres15x Miracle Epistle
Cristi5x Premium Revival Set
khaled1x Red bird 2
Mark3x Red bird 2
aonrelax0027x Red bird 2
calin2x Red bird 2
Stefani Mirielen2x Premium Revival Set
Edwin Sagaon1k Market Points
Arahnid7x Red bird 2
luiz g2x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Lynard1k Market Points
him12x Red bird 2
Mirek15x Miracle Epistle
kleisson3x Red bird 2
De Hua3x Riddle Box
chelsey2x Riddle Box
Romel1x Riddle Box
Chen Xi1k Market Points
Sparrowhawk1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
Hoshino3x Riddle Box
nate dogg1k Market Points
john2x Premium Revival Set
josh macdonald1x Premium Revival Set
chris1x Bulletin board 24hours
Aglayce1x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Juan1k Market Points
domi1x Premium Revival Set
Roberto Silva1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
thayna3x Premium Revival Set
Roberto1x Riddle Box
Estepan Martinez1x Reposition Injection
mody1x Core Zap Green(Magic Defense+9)
CuPausmcv1k Market Points
carlos aguirre1x Core Zap Black(Physical Attack+9)
Martinez Estepan1x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
manuelito1x Orange Color Paint
Diego Fagerstrom1x Bulletin board 24hours
Angelo2x Premium Revival Set
doninfynit2x Riddle Box
seif2x Red bird 2
CECILIO ATENCIO1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
didi1x Bulletin board 24hours
jonathan1x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Graz3x Bulletin board 24hours
Ramadan Diab3k Market Points
Learhadz1k Market Points
Lukeee2x Max fodder (30 days pet food)
Sepulveda1x Orange Color Paint
xBladewing1x Premium Lovely Gift Box
Lais1x Reposition Injection
Hallow1x Red bird 2
Damiao7x Red bird 2
belal1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
Emmanuel Logar1x Orange Color Paint
Mateus1x Shining Blue Sun Bird 2 Box
Matej2x Red bird 2
Joao1x Red bird 2
Ricardo1k Market Points
Kamil2x Red bird 2
Luycke1x Riddle Box
Marccus C.1x Red bird 2
Sergio3x Red bird 2
Heike1x Premium Card B(30 DAY)
Luke15x Miracle Epistle
Relic1k Market Points
Juan C1x Core Zap Black(Physical Attack+9)
noi3k Market Points
Mehphis3x Premium Revival Set
Thiago5x Red bird 2
Anderson1x Premium Lovely Gift Box
Tazim1x Reposition Injection
Abiramira3x Red bird 2
jumy3x Riddle Box
Antonio Soares Silva3x Riddle Box
Carlos1x Amplification Stone of refined Box

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