Dklegend rules
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

Game Settings and Rules

Exp rate: 20x
Rank Exp rate: 6x
Pet Exp rate: 5x
Drop rate of items: 60x
Drop rate of rare items: 30x

*Rates compared to an official server*
*All other settings are based on the Korean server*

Many players have approached me and asked why we're running a server with a low exp rate. I'd have to question them back, "would you enjoy a game that is only about level grinding?" What's the point of playing a game if you don't enjoy it? Our server is nothing like other servers which are running DK2 server files; as a result, we would not make the exp rate high because we do not want our players to focus on the level of his/her character. Instead, we would like them to enjoy the game itself.

And I remember someone saying all the GMs would be corrupted and start making "godly" items. I, DkLegend, would not tolerate any of these activities. If someone is caught abusing their powers, I would immediately take action and permanently ban his id. I believe in fairness; I would not allow cheating to happen on this server.

Before our server officially releases to the public, I would like to go over the rules once more

Game Rules
Please agree with these rules before playing on our server. We do not want any miscommunications happen between our players and our GMs.

a. Speed hacking would result in permanent suspension of the account.
b. If a person who finds a bug exploit in the game and uses it for his own good, his/her account would be permanently banned.
c. Verbal abuse (which includes all racist comments) would result in unable to use chat for a day. (only if someone complains about it)
d. Any suspicious server attacks would result in banning of the IP.
e. Please do not whisper GMs for items, or will be muted for 3 hours.
f. Please report any suspicious equipment that one has, we would verify if it's an edited item or not.
g. If we find out a GM helped another player in terms of item distributions//teleportation or any other things that is unfair to other players, we will ban the GM and player who got help.

Other non-related things
- The market exchange rate 10 dollar = 500 market coin.
- Our server backs up files everyday to prevent the loss of experience points and items.
I have read, and agree to abide by the DKlegend rules.