[EVENT] DKLegend 7th anniversary Events
Sep 19, 2016


Dear loyal DKLegend players,
We are glad to announce you that during this month, we will be celebrating, with you our 7th anniversary, seven years of providing Darkeden service in the best English international server. 
Several great and joyful events will be opened for this occasion: 

Event duration: during September

★Event 1: Hell Garden festival
During this event, you will be able to get 8x Hell Garden crosses from 1st to 10th floor.
Make sure you bring a good party in order to survive at the higher level floors.

★Event 2: Meteorites 
During this event period, several meteorites have fallen in Helea, in order to find them you will need to kill all kind of monster that are +/- 20 levels difference from yours.

★Event 3: Zombies apocalypse
During this event period, Turning Dead, Dead Body, Turning Soul, Kid and Soldier will be dropping
Red box, Blue Box in a certain probability. Hunt them to stop the zombie apocalypse and get those boxes to win a multitude of valuable prizes.

★Event 4: Summon Event and Fireworks
During this event, the GM will make several summon events in random places with fireworks, awesome bosses, and more surprises. 
More information will be posted in our Facebook group:

★Event 5: Double Rates
Enjoy the following events during weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):
-Double Level Experience 
-Double Rank Experience 
-Double Pet Experience 

★Event 6: Double online reward
During this event period, enjoy double rewards from the online reward system: you can now get 1 free Ancient Coin every 1 hour while you are online. This event is available for players level 251+.

★Event 7: Market points bonus
During this event, if you charge 20+ USD from our Market, you'll get 50% extra market points as reward. The Bonus is applicable for charges using Paypal and Western Union.

PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues. 

We hope you enjoy these events to the maximum, we thank you so much for supporting the biggest English Darkeden Server.

Best Wishes 
DKLegend Team