Dark Eden Legend has been split into two separate servers: Dark Eden Legend Necropolis and Dark Eden Legend Awaken.
(you are now in DKLegend Awaken website - if you played Necropolis and wanna try Awaken make sure you re-download the client!)

1. Dark Eden Legend Necropolis: This server is based on the v6 version of Dark Eden version and contains all the accounts created since September 2009. It stores all account data, including character content, progress, levels, ranks, and items in a separate database for a potential relaunch in the future since it's currently temporary closed (including the website).

2. Dark Eden Legend Awaken: This is our new server that offers a more classic, nostalgic experience for players who prefer an older version of Dark Eden. It includes various features such as:

- A beginner's bundle with weapons, experience stones, hourglasses, and more.
- High experience gain rates from levels 1 to 150, along with an experience boost in the Menegroth Dungeon
- Lower experience rates starting for levels 151 and above (Various Exp boost items are available and more will be added with time).
- New JC Quests at levels 151, 171, and 201 (moderate difficulty).
- Special set items that offers unique features and unique options items obtainable from lairs like Gilles De Rais, Hell Garden, Eisen 4F, Raohm 5F, Tepez, Bathory, Hidden Lairs, and Adam's Labyrinth etc..
- A new Bible War rewards system that offers unique buffs to the most active players during the war.
- Monthly PvP Ranking System with exclusive and unique rewards and buffs.
- The Luck option plays a significant role in item enchantments and items drops, with higher luck increasing your chances of successful enchantments and better items drops.
- 100% balanced skills and rare skill books available up to level 161.
- New function for the Amplification Stone Enchanting item (increased items' options values beyond their maximum).
- Game quests introducing new pet features, including pets that can heal you or remove darkness.
- This server is completely free to play, and all items and enchantments can be obtained through in-game drops (Blue Drop, Blue Bird, Yellow Drops, Amplification Stones and Liliths)
- A Veiled Artifact gamble box is available, allowing you to use in-game currency to obtain unique items like premium tickets and Hide Rings.
- Multi Farming Game money features : Killing monsters gives you game money, hunting purple skulls or selling 2 optioned items to NPC.
- Hero Buff granted to one active player in-game from each race that also gives you temporary website market discounts.

You can read all features on our Website Guide book :

Some older notes that worth to take into consideration:

Dark Eden Legend Team

Thank you,
DK Legend Team

Posted on 11th Nov, 2023