[NOTICE]Game changes
Sep 19, 2016


Dear DKLegend loyal players;


We want to keep you updated with what was changed in DKLegend in the past weeks.

-The amount of HP from Increase of Health books have been doubled.

-The amount of HP given from the STR option have been doubled.

-Many old and new skills have been adjusted in term of damage and tohit.

-Some skills glitches and animations were fixed (venom circle is now ignoring the enemy's level, Deadly Ground have been adjusted so it can hit 5x5 monsters from all sides, ...)

-Some old buffs durations and cool down were increased. 

-Water ouster skills have been adjusted (Life of Aqua Radchia is healing silver now and healing faster than before);

-Hybrides system have been fixed (you can no longer use more than 1 class skills). 


We would like also to share with you the ideas of our next upcoming updates (we are planning to add this weekend).

-There will be major changes in many old/new maps in term of monsters and drops. 

-The Veiled artifacts rewards will be renewed. 

-New Field bosses will be added. 

-More balance adjustments will be applied. 


Further more updates are planned for the next months;

-New 241 skills

-New 241 articles

-New leveling and hunting dungeons. 

-New ranks, ranks skills and runes system. 



Stay tunned, you will be amazed! 


Best wishes,

DKLegend Team