[EVENT]Christmas & Saint Sylvester Events
Dec 6, 2016


To our loyal DKLegend players:

Snow is in the air, fires are roaring, and Christmas trees are going up. That means it is time once again for a batch of holiday events in DKLegend.


Events Duration: December 5th, 2016 - January 5th, 2017.


Event 1:  Reindeers and Evil Santa

Reindeers and Evil Santas will spawn randomly throughout the fields of Helea (Perona, Eslania, Drobeta, Mt. Rodin, and Lake Timor). Hunt them and kill them so you can get a nice Christmas present.


Event 2: Hell Garden festival

During this event, you will be able to get 8x Hell Garden crosses from HG1 to HG10. Make sure you bring a good party in order to survive at the higher level floors.


Event 3: Zentis festival

During this event period, you can enjoy 2 mins of Zentis Dungeon Last floor. Get the maximum of the rewards from Topfs as fast as you can!


Event 4: Lovely Gift Box

It's the holiday season once again and that means that a horde of lovely Christmas events are on their way. Enjoy hunting Lovely Gift Boxes dropped from monsters +/- 20 levels compared to your character.


Event 5: Saint Sylvester festivities

During all the month of December, enjoy the nice presents you can retrieve from the daily premium rewards. During all this event period, you will get a Chaotic Stone + Converted S-Grade Hour Glass + 3 Storm firecrackers. Join us and fire some firecrackers during all December!


Event 6: Summons & Firecrackers

Our GMs will be holding a special event for Christmas and Saint Sylvester, make sure you follow the Facebook Page and Facebook Group to stay tuned.


Event 7: Double Joy time

December is the last month of the year, lets make it the best one! Enjoy double experience rates during all your December holidays:

-2x Level Experience

-2x Rank Experience

-2x Pet Experience


We appreciate for your cares toward our server. We wish all of you have a wonderful Christmas with families and friends and happy New Year 2017! 


Best wishes

DKlegend Team