[EVENT]A song of Ice & Fire
Jan 25, 2017



Its time for long winter nights, snowball fights, Ice dragons hunt, snowmen and exchanging gifts. Join your friends and keep warm at this times of cold, winter has come and so did DKLegends winter events!


Period: January 25th to February 8th, 2017.


Event 1: Ice Dragons

Ice dragons are said to roam the south east zone of the Timors Lake. Reportedly, they are stronger than the dragons of Hell Garden. Ice dragons are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of sky blue crystal, huge translucent wings and fire flames coming out of their mouths.

During this event period, Ice dragons will be occupying Lake Timor SE, hunt them, kill them so you could finally get hold of the dragons treasures boxes.


★Event 2: Snowman signs

Monsters all over the world are collecting snowman pieces to hoard and keep away from all the good children. Stop their nefarious deeds and collect all the snowman puzzle parts. Once you get these holiday items, combine them to create a magnificent Snowmen for the holidays and share your holiday spirit!


★Event 3: Snowballs

During centuries, Ice dragons have been forging those shinning crystal snowballs in order to summon the winters cold waves in case they lose their own power. Somehow, Marquis De Sade, Nosferatu and Vlad Dracula with the help of Genesys and E.V.E organization have succeeded together to steal them in a secret mission. Hunt those stolen snowballs now: we heard that they are hidden at Dracula Castle, Lacoste Castle and Underground Laboratories.


★Event 4: Hell Garden blast

Winter has come, it is really cold around in the realm and the only place that is still warm is the Hell Garden, Hell Gardens Ruler with the help of Ulrayiry made some huge blasts to keep the fire warm, but there are consequences… Every tower is now ceding 8 to 16 crosses and seeds every time its cleared. Dont miss this opportunity to get Hell Garden Rulers unique rings, contracts, cues and even more…


★Event 5: Oops Event

During this event period, all DKLegend players with a level above 151 will get an Oops Gift box every 1 hour. You can get various market items from this box, make sure you have enough space in your inventory to receive it.


★Event 6: Market Event

During this event Period, were giving away 25% bonus with every market points charge.

This bonus does not stack with the Wheel of Wealths bonus.

PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.


We thank you for all your support and interest toward the biggest English Darkeden community.


Best wishes

DKLegend Team