[EVENT]Easter Bunny Smasher
Apr 15, 2017



Dear DKLegend players,

As you all know, people are preparing to celebrate Easter all over the world. The snow is gone, the sun is shining again and flowers start to appear everywhere! The Easter Bunny prepared an awesome event for you!


Event period: 15th to 22th April 2017


How to Proceed:

-Log in to the Web Game « Easter Bunny Smasher »

-Enter your character name and click “Ok”

-You can also enter the Code (only if you find it in-game and the winners limit is reached).

-Smash the vampire bunnies in order to accumulate points, do not smash Lola Bunny.

-Once you accumulate 20 points, you can either take the green Easter egg or continue for a better reward.

-Once you accumulate 40 points, you can either take the blue Easter Egg or continue for a better reward.

-Once you accumulate 60 points, you can take the red Easter Egg, there is no greater reward.

-You can continue playing the mini-game to accumulate points and be one of the 3 last winners to get a Gold Pet Box.

-Every time you hit the Vampire Bunny, you will get 1 point.

-Every time you hit Lola Bunny, you lose 10 points.

-If you hit Lola Bunny 5 times, you can no longer play that day, even if you use an Easter Egg Code.



1-All DKLegend players are eligible to participate.

2-Limit one entry per player (The IPs will be checked).

3-There will be a maximum of 20 winners per day (including 3 winners that will get a special prize).

4-You can only win one time per day (crack 1 Easter Egg).

5-Even if you win an Easter Egg, you can still play the mini-game to accumulate points and use them to win the final event prize which is a Gold Pet Box.

6-If the maximum of 20 winners (per day) is reached, you can still participate to win a prize using an Ester Egg code that will find in-game. (The Easter Egg Code is only used to participate in case of limited of winners reached).

7-You can also use the Easter Egg Code to play again and replace your prize for a better one.

8-You can only use 1 Easter Egg Code per day.

9-An Easter Egg Code cant be used 2 times.

10- DKlegend Team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its entries.



-Normal prizes (20 winners every day) : Lilith drop 2, Blue Vapor, 10x6 pack, Chaotic Stone, Red bird 2 (the quantities are different for each Easter Egg Color).

-Special prizes (3 possible winners every day): Shinning Drop Box, Shinning Spirit Box, Shinning Will Box, Shinning Blue Sun Bird Box, Shinning Blue Crystal Box, Shinning Amplification of Refined Stone Box, and Premium Lovely Gift Box.

-Final prizes (3 winners at the end of the event): Gold Pet Box.


What are you waiting, smash the vampire bunnies now!




Best wishes and happy Easter for you all!

DKLegend Team