[EVENT]Retro Tournament
Apr 25, 2017


DKLegend is almost 8 years older and 8 years wiser... but how it was to play back in the old days? Find out (or remember) by participating in the Classic Retro Tournament. Make a char up to 150 (but do not JC it yet). Use your knowledge (or learn from others), to learn the needed skills and books. Use your imagination to create a set good for pvp. Create (or be part) of a team of at least 3 memebrs and join in the tournament.



1st position - Ultimate champions:

Amplification Stone of refined Box + 7.000 Market points for each.


2nd position - Grand champions

Shining Blue Crystal Box + 5.000 Market points for each.


3rd position - Champions

Premium Lovely Gift Box + 3.000 Market points for each.


The rest of participants : figthers

Premium Lovely Gift Box for each