[NOTICE]Small Balance adjustments
May 9, 2017

The way we approach the game balance in DKLegend is a combination of play testing and looking at the stats, skills use, in-game time, races and classes clashes and win rates. You can expect balance changes from time to time to keep gameplay fine-tuned and as fun as possible.


In this round of balance changes were taking a look at some forgotten skills and classes and giving the fire ousters a significant boost! Yes, we know you were waiting for it!


The changes that were done are:

A slight damage increase on fire ouster skills (Infinity Blaze, Meteor Blaze 2 and Rage Burst 2).

A slight damage increase on mage vampire skill (Venom Circle).

A slight tohit increase on sworder skills (Lightning Shock 2, Attract Circle and Chain Lightning Sword).


Please leave your thoughts and feedback to our GMs or in our Forum and Facebook group.


Best wishes

DKLegend Team