[EVENT]Superhero Survival Tournament
Aug 2, 2017


Superheroes are visiting Dark Eden Legend this summer, they will help you fight to become the hero you were meant to be!

After creating your team on the dedicated event page, you will be facing waves of evil monsters from Dark Eden world at the event day, the team that survives longer to this challenge wins the tournament.
Each team will have a random Superhero help after its creation. Superheroes will give you bonuses that will help you win this tournament.


-This is a survival tournament, players vs. monsters.
-There will be only 1 match for each team (superheroes bonuses may change this rule).
-Only characters with level 201 or higher are allowed to participate.
-Each team should have 3 players.
-This event has 3 finals teams winners, the rest of participants will be rewarded too.
-Only one character per player is allowed. (IPs will be checked by GMs)
-Levels will be checked before starting the tournament.
-No disrespectful actions or behavior.
-No use of Attack / Defense / Party Rush.
-No use of red/blue/green/yellow Candies and elixirs.
-All skills and all kind of force scrolls are allowed.
-Participants will have pre-battle preparation time.
-For slayers and ousters fights, only buffs from the participants are allowed.
-Resurrection skills can be used only twice by each member of your team.
-Each race will receive the bonus applied from its superhero.


-Below you will find the registration link.
-Choose your race and enter your team characters names.
-Your team will have an automatic name attached to a Superhero chosen randomly (A superhero cant be picked twice).
Please note that the replacements fighters are facultative and will only be participating if one of the main fighters is absent during the tournament.


Time and Location:
Drobeta SE Event Stadium at Sunday August 20th, 2017 (Instead of the Bibles War Event).
In order to watch the Tournament, you can talk to Yambian Santa NPC to teleport you as a spectator to the Event arena, he is at Eslania, Castle Limbo or Ousters Village.


1st position: Ultimate Heroes
Amplification Stone of refined Box + 5.000 Market points for each.

2nd position: Grand Heroes
Shining Blue Crystal Box + 3.000 Market points for each.

3rd position: Heroes
Premium Lovely Gift Box + 1.500 Market points for each.

The rest of participants:
Premium Lovely Gift Box for each. 

Good luck for everyone.