Do you want to get a super CAT pet?
Dec 25, 2009

Charge reward event,Do you want to get a super cat pet?

whenever you charge $50 worth of market points, you may be selected and be awarded with a cat.

1. Pay 50 USD or 300 RMB has one chance to get lucky item or Cat PET


2.When you finish charge, Please get your rewards


3.Reward Items

   a.A Bunch of BlueBirds (50units) (300P)

  b.Fodder (Fodder 7days) (150P)

  c.CAT PET(more than 2000P)

         Cat type1 ( HPL+3  ,MPL+3)



         Cat type2 (DAM+3   ,HPL+3)


4. If you get a cat pet , Please tell us which type you want ,and tell our online GM or PM dklegend.