[Event]A challenge from Hell Garden
May 18, 2010

A challenge from Hell Garden 

Hell garden has sent its messengers to all three races for the greatest of all challenges. They said: 

    The timid Slayer, the vain vampire, and the untimely Ousters: It has been a long time without sight of some of you lowly creature from the ground in the Hell garden. We always have great vigor and await your return, but instead we idle in my garden all the day, waiting to suck fresh blood of you creature from the ground.  

    Send me your spirit and your body, lowly creature. Be my child; let me free you from the world. 

    Adventurers from the ground, as long as you pass our tests, you will get a double reward. Though we are cruel, we are also men of honor. The gems, rare items, unique treasures in the hell garden have no meaning for us. These items are now corroded by eternal time, rather than being used to reward your courage after facing our cruelty..

But to go into the Hell Garden, remember to bring your ticket, if not, you can not open the seal.

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(30% discount at the event time) 

    Start from: GMT+0 12:00:00 am May, 18 2010

    End at: GMT+0 12:00:00 am May, 24 2010 

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