[Notice]Some adjustment about Lilith
Sep 11, 2011

Lilith1 only can enchant the item‘s 3rd option up to grade 4;

Lilith 2 can enchant item’s 3rd option to grade 6 with certain ratio. when failed, the enchant option will not downgrade.

For Lilith Will2, grade 6 option is DAM+6, TOHIT+6;
For Lilith Spirit2, grade 6 option is ALL ATTR+6;
For Lilith Drop 2, grade 6 option is DEF+6,PRO+6,RES+11.

Above mentioned Lilith1 include Lilith drop 1, Lilith will 1, Lilith sprite 1;
                                 Lilith2 include Lilith drop 2, Lilith will 2, Lilith sprite 2;