Bless of Blood
The Defense Rush is now replaced by Bless of Blood. It has same function as before + activates a 3exp buff.
Each time the Defense Rush (ctrl+2) bar is filled, you will be able to activate Bless of Blood buff, which will give you 3x level experience for 1 hour.

To charge the Bless of Blood there are 3 ways:
- You can charge this buff by killing monsters;
- You can charge it by afk-ing: you get 12.5% each 15 minutes. Means that if you only afk you can charge this in 2 hours.
- You can instant-charge by using the Red Hour Glass form market: Common > Experience > Blood Hourglass
- You can benefit of this buff 4 times per day only.

Premium Card
This is item can be purchased from market, or you can find it in game on different boss drops, or Beads/Gem stones exchange; this items gives you 2x experience, 2x luck, better rewards while doing the quests, and access to premium map: Asylion. In Asylion you have higher chance to get uniq options in drops.

Experience Stones
You can find 2x or 7x Experience stone items. Using any of this items you get a buf of 2x or 7x experience rate.
The 2x stone can drop almost everywhere, while the 7x stone can be found only on Adam Keeper in Holy Land N and in boxes at special occasions.

Hour Glass
This buf gives you 2x experience points for 1 hour.

Party Leveling
Party Experience: making a party the experience is split among members but also a bonus is applied. In order to get this bonus all party member must be in same "visual screen". When the party is full (6 members) you get a fouble experience bonus.

Honor Points
The hono points, which you get in Bible war after lvl 149, are splits in 7 ranks: you start with rank7 and go up to rank1. Each rank gives you an exp bonus like so:
rank7: 1.1 exp bonus
rank6: 1.2 exp bonus
rank5: 1.3 exp bonus
rank4: 1.4 exp bonus
rank3: 1.5 exp bonus
rank2: 1.6 exp bonus
rank1: 1.7 exp bonus (at this final rank your exp will be almost double)

Knots Experience
You gain extra experience if you have 2 knots on your gear, like so:
leve 171+: 1.3 exp bonus
leve 201+: 1.4 exp bonus
leve 251+: 1.5 exp bonus

Maps Bonuses
Some maps have special bonuses of experience. See the Book about Zones.

Chief Monsters
Chief monsters will give you almost 2 times more experience each time you kill them.
Example of chief monsters you can find around maps (chiefs are not necessary red color):