Website Monthly Ranking
This rank system is based on the general PVP you are doing in game.
The formula of this ranking system it is based on: number of kills, number of deaths, the level difference between you and the opponent. It does not include kills of same race, and also, you can get a score penalty if the system consider that you are doing too many and too fast kills. Shortly said: if you kill people close or higher to your level your score will be higher as well.
This score reset each month and the rewards (if any) are sent in the Website Cart. (Please note that because of time zone differences, for some this reset will be visible on 30th, for others on 1st)

Double Experience Stone
You gain double experience for 1 hour.
Seven Experience Stone
You gain septuple experience for 1 hour.
Medal of Battlefield
Use this item to get 100 honor points.
Ordinary Yellow Drop
Increase the grade of an item in a certain probability.
Blue Bird
Increase the options of an item with 2 options in a certain probability.
Riddle Box
Open it to get different random rewards. Check the market for the description of this box.
Gold Pet Box
Open it to get different random rewards. Check the market for the description of this box.
Premium Card
Use this item to gain premium for 30 days.
Deadly Bat Skull
Sell this item to NPC to get 30kk game money.
Elixir Scroll
Scroll of resurrection.
Origin of Fury
Use this item to activate the Devil Scream buf. This buf increase drastically the chances of critical and tohit for all classes, increase slightly the damage you make, but will also lower your protection by 35%. This buf duration is fixed: 60 seconds and will disappear on logout.
GDR Luck Buf
You gain extra drop luck for the duration of this buf.
Black Smoke Buf
You can access the Adam Labyrinth map while using this buf.
PVP-er Symbol
You get an effect aura for the duration of the reward.
Hide Ring Detection
You can detect the players that are using the Hide Ring, for the duration of the buf.
You can read chats of the opponent races while using this buf.
Effect Wings
You get effect wings on your character for the duration of the buf.

This list will be updated with time.