Notes about level-ing:
The experience gained from monsters is decreased from 10 in 10 levels.
The experience gained from a monster it is a random number, defined by monster stats and day/night timeband.
Level Experience can also be Map based in this version, which means you can gain different experience from the same monster, based on the map you are in.
Level Experience gained from Party depends on many variables: party members distance, party leader level vs members levels, experience helpers and skills used to kill (some skills share the party experience in higher amount, others in less amount and some not at all).
Pre-JC experience on Slayers side, depends on the skills used, the weapon used, the number of hits and the kills.
Pre-JC experience on Vampires side is increased if drain is used (when vampire use drain, a bonus is applied to the experience rate).
Each time you change class (from 10 in 10 levels), your 161 book skill will get a slight increase in damage.

Each level you will receive attribute points to use them in STR, DEX, INT, as follow:
3 points: 1 - 150 levels.
4 points: 151 - 200 levels.
5 points: 201+ levels.

Promotion Quests
At certain levels, you will have to complete a task in order to be able to advance further. The task you complete it at the Helper NPC.

151 Must have 3000 Chief monsters killed + 3 Hulks.
171 You must trade me 4x Crosses from Hellgarden 1 and 2, as well as 50x Pendant of Shabby which you can find killing the Chiefs in Luster towers.
Another task will be revealed when doing the quest.
201 You must have at least 50 Tunnel Boss kills and Rank at least 26.
251 You must offer 3x Medal of The Brave. Ask more questions from Paluce.
301 Take 5x Relic of Lycans to Helper NPC.
351 Take 5x Dracula Elixirs to Helper NPC.