What is Alignment?
Alignment is a measure of your character`s moral balance within the Darkeden world. It represents your character`s ethical stance, ranging from Very Evil (-10,000) to Very Good (10,000), with Neutral in the middle.

Alignment value is changed by killing characters of the same race as yours: if you kill an Evil player, your alignment will increase, while if you kill a neutral+ player your alignment will decrease.
Please note that certain maps may exempt alignment penalties, indicated by Free PK zone messages.

Effects of Alignment:
✠ Hoodlum Stigmata: If your alignment drops below -5000, you`ll acquire the Hoodlum Stigmata status. This status will decrease your Attack Ability (AA) and Health Points (HP) by 70%.
✠ Death Penalty: Dying while under the Hoodlum Stigmata status will result in all your items losing their endurance and their grade being reduced to 1.
✠ Experience Penalty: Having an alignment below 8000 will reduce the experience gained from monsters;from 7500 to 8000 you loose only 3% experience. but below 7500 will start decrease exponential based on alignment value.

Alignment Recovery:
✠ Passive Recovery: Alignment gradually recovers over time, with a small amount gained every few seconds (up to Neutral).
✠ Combat: Killing evil characters (excluding your own) can increase your alignment.
✠ NPC Services: Visit NPCs who offer alignment recovery services. They may charge a fee for their services.
✠ Ordinis Booster 4: This booster item, available in the market, provides a significant alignment boost of 10,000 points.